Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cal Harris Jr.: Inside Out (2010)

More than a decade in the making, Contemporary Jazz composer Cal Harris Jr. is finally set to paint the world in vibrant colors with the release of his debut album Inside Out. Inside Out illustrates the story of Harris’s own unique background with an eclectic marriage of R&B, jazz, funk, soul, blues, and world music. His story, his gift, and his brand are poised to take the world by surprise with an extraordinary approach to Contemporary Jazz.
Cal Harris Jr.’s upbringing in Los Angeles was not a typical one. His earliest exposure to music took place literally in the company of legends. As the son of Grammy-nominated sound engineer Calvin Harris, Cal Harris Jr. grew up wandering the halls of the renowned Motown Studios in Los Angeles. In fact, one of his fondest childhood memories was a trip to the candy store with Melvin Franklin of the Temptations—a treat he would appreciate even more as an adult. It was within this environment that Harris. would develop a love affair with music…and a well-groomed talent.
“I fell in love with arranging music after attending a Commodores session with my dad. It was a great track and I fell asleep as they began working on the orchestration. I woke up a few hours later in a wonder land of music. Soaring strings and horns, and sizzling cymbal swells. It was amazing to hear the transformation, an experience I'll never forget.”
It should come as no surprise that Cal Harris Jr. went on a very sought after sound engineer and producer. In his distinguished career, he has worked with such music monsters as Earth Wind and Fire, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Whitney Houston, and Beyonce. Harris found a comfortable niche as a very sought after recording engineer, programmer, and keyboard player for music giants. Still, it wouldn’t be long before he could no longer control the desire to combine his talents and record his very own works. The time had come for Cal Harris Jr. push his abilities to the next level and reveal the gifted composer within him.
Inside Out boldly demonstrates Cal Harris Jr's. passion and talent for composition as well as his lifetime of priceless experiences in the industry. He drives home the idea of creating solid, seductive, and infectious melodies through impeccable production. He was involved in nearly every part of the album’s production, including the writing, keyboarding, saxophone, and mixing. Harris brought his work to life with the help of well-respected instrumentalists (and friends) Darrell Crooks, Yogi Lonich, Shem vonShreck, Harold Todd, Freddie Washington and Michael White. The result is a fresh take on Contemporary Jazz that satisfies the demand for music that transforms, stimulates, and moves listeners.
“To me a great song is one that when you hear it years later, you can remember what was going on in your life at the time because it touched you then and maybe even helped you get through. Songs like that have been a gift to me and I feel a responsibility to give that gift to others.”
01. Inside Out [04:56]
02. Hidden [05:01]
03. She Loves the Water [04:30]
04. High Tide [02:09]
05. Jukin (feat. Feat. Harold Todd) [04:16]
06. Questions (feat. Tiarra) [03:30]
07. One Day [01:07]
08. Soon As I Get Home [05:18]
09. Millennium Blues [05:29]
10. Secrets [04:20]
11. 2 Am [01:01]
Inside Out
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