Friday, November 12, 2010

Luke Howard Trio: The Meadowlands (2010)

A spectacular debut for the new trio of Melbourne-born, Berlin-based pianist Luke Howard. Howard, bassist Jonathan Zion (Anton Delecca Quartet, Pete Murray, Lior etc) and drummer Daniel Farrugia (The Bamboos, Missy Higgins, Quantic etc) are landmarks on the Melbourne music scene, performing in various jazz, classical, funk and rock ensembles. This versatility gives the Trio their edge - they continue to evolve their art. This is evident by the uniquely atmospheric sound of The Meadowlands. Playing original compositions plus Daniel Lanois' Flametop Green, this album combines the classic 'lyrical piano' approach of masters like Evans, Hancock and Jarrett with a more minimalist, modernist aesthetic.
01. Two Percent (5:59)
02. Desertion (4:57)
03. Batch (3:27)
04. Ballad No. 3 (7:07)
05. The Meadowlands (1:22)
06. Theme from an Untitled (and Possibly Foreign) Film (2:21)
07. Spring (4:18)
08. Parallels (4:49)
09. Strange Loops (2:34)
10. NADP (4:17)
11. Flametop Green (4:01)
12. Pebbles (3:34)
The Meadowlands
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